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VCSvideo has the technology and the expertise to deliver your program with high-quality and great functionality in a wide variety of today’s formats… QuickTime, Windows Media, MPEG, Real Video and Audio, Flash, WAV, MP3, and more...on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Web Video Players and Mobile Devices.

CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Authoring, Replication and Packaging

We have in-house authoring and replication capabilites to get the job done how and when you need it. For example, we can deliver up to 1000 DVDs with four-color, custom, on-disc printing…overnight. We also do on-site graphics and authoring. So if you need a disc with a custom menu and chapter navigation, or simply a “show copy” that repeats automatically…we can do it. Customized color labeling and packaging available.

Web Video

For a web video to truly look, sound and function at its best, it must be compressed using the right approach and settings chosen to optimize the balance of frame size, rate and resolution with the functionality required by your target audience. Our knowledgeable technicians use the right equipment, the right programs, and their extensive experience to make that happen.

Custom Web Channel Players

Turn your website into a video resource that your visitors will return to again and again. We can design and produce a customized, branded Web Video Player that can be seamlessly integrated into your website, at relatively low cost and with little or no involvement required from your IT department. Share a welcome, product or service information, testimonials, training tips, or a bit of entertainment that will engage your audience and build brand loyalty. Click to see an example of a Web Video Player.

Mobile Devices

To take advantage of program distribution on today’s (and tomorrow’s) Mobile Devices, we can provide you with the custom compressions that each device requires.

Teleprompter Services
Narration/Music/Sound FX